Scholarly use of Web archives

Studying Israeli Politics on the Web

 Tuesday 28-29 May, 2013,

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From the early days of the Web, election campaigns on the Web have attracted scholarly attention. Indeed, political scientists and social researchers such as Schneider and Foot (2003) have put forward a method for archiving and analyzing the dynamics of Websites related to elections, also called “Web-sphere analysis”. Researchers from the Netherlands have also started archiving Websites of political parties from the early days of the Web, and nowadays most Web archives of national libraries around the world curate special collections of electoral campaigns on the Web, and vast collections and rich materials have been preserved for posterity. The tools and methods that will be presented in the workshop have been developed to enable the study and analysis of temporally archived Web data.

Hosted and funded by the graduate program in Science, Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan University, Organized by Anat Ben-David, Adi Zamir-Nitzan and Sinai Rusinek, and in collaboration with the National Library of Israel, WebArt and the Digital Humanities Incubator (רוח דיגיטלית), the conference was dedicated to the topic of Web archives and their implications for studying Israeli politics on the Web. It continued a tradition of graduate students’ conferences organized by the Israeli forum of Internet Researchers, which was founded by graduate students of the STS department at Bar-Ilan University in 2003 and aims at bringing together Israeli Internet and technology researchers, and at developing methods for advancing internet research in Israel.

Oren Harman, Bar Ilan University: Greetings
Hadar Miller, National Library of Israel: Towards an Israeli Web Archive

Yoav Goldberg, Mining the Hebrew Web

Eyal Miller, Historical Jewish Press

Elad Segev, Web Mining: Methods and Tools

Judit Bar Ilan & Rivka Shveiky Dynamics of Political Parties’ Websites

Hugo Huurdeman & Anat Ben David :
WebART – Facilitating Scholarly Use of Web Archives

 Nicholas John,  On the History of “Share” in Web 2.0

Uriel Abulof,  Normative Concept Analysis of the Arab Spring and Self-Determination: digital corpus linguistics and discourse analysis