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10/5/2015 19:45:24Pandit - A Prosopographical Database of Indic Texts digital humanities project with an ambitious task: to create a database for the vast world of South Asian letters.

Based on Drupal, the world’s leading and most widely used open source data management system for complex data.
500 bc to todayText, Metadata, Documents, Archives, Manuscripts, Manuscript transcriptions, PhotographsSouth AsiaHistory, Literaturecrowdsourcing, Digitized primary sources, GIS/Mapping, Database, Scholarly Collaboration, XML-TEI, Linked dataEnglish, SanskritProf. Yigal SimantovBeta-readyOpen Access, Open Content, Open sourceDeveloped by TopDownUp.comThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem
10/5/2015 20:01:19Jewish Galicia and Bukovina, preservation and educational dissemination of the history and rich cultural heritage of the Jewish communities of Galicia and Bukovina (located in modern-day Ukraine).

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1400 - 1950Text, Metadata, Documents, Archives, Photographs, Serials/Periodicals/Newspapers/Broadsides, Audio Recordings, Audio transcriptions/lyrics, Moving images, Art objects, Portraits, Gravestone (photos), Gravestone (text)Modern-day UkraineHistory, Holocaust, Fine ArtsDatabase, Virtual Exhibitions, Linked dataEnglish, HebrewJewish Galicia and Bukovinainfo@jgaliciabukovina.netAmir SimantovCompletedAll rights reservedThe University of Haifa
10/27/2015 12:30:35poetranshttp://www.poetrans.orgThe project aspires to be a digital database of all tables of content of all poetry books ever translated into Hebrew (though not the actual poems).

The project is primarily a tool for translators of books or movies, who often come across poetry snippets. The proper procedure in such cases is to look for an existing translation and quote it. In poetrans translators can check if the poem at hand has been translated into Hebrew, who translated it and where they can find the translation.
1900+Text, Metadata, Digitized Printed books, ArchivesIrrelevantLiteraturecrowdsourcing, Digitized primary sourcesHebrewOfra Hodpoetrans.editor@gmail.comOfra HodIn progressFair useNone

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