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Ruach Digitalit is the untranslatable* name of an initiative for the promotion of digital humanities in Israel, with the vision to become a local node in the vast and growing network of the Digital Humanities.

During 2013 several events were organized in various fields of the digital humanities: a conference on Hebrew manuscripts in the digital age; a workshop on Scholarly use of Web archives: Studying Israeli Politics on the Web; a conference on Digital Text and Textuality and a workshop on Computer Technologies for the Historical Research of Intellectual Networks. Two projects are currently underway: the Netzwerkerei and the Annotated Star.

In November 6, 2013, the Digital Humanities Israel group was established.

A note to non-Hebrew speakers: I apologize that a significant part of the content and discussion on this site, and on our Facebook group, are conducted in Hebrew. It is important at this stage to figure out how to communicate DH in Hebrew in order to develop our local node. I will try to update in English about the most interesting things that are happening, and you are welcome to join our Facebook group and the mailing list on the right, and use the automatic-translate (which will surely be amusing)!

* Ruach, the Hebrew word for mind/spirit (partly translatable to the German Geist) is also the basis for the Hebrew term for the Humanities, the “sciences of the spirit/mind”, or madaei ha-ruach (similar to the German Geisteswissenschaften).  Ruach in Hebrew also means wind, as in “wind of change”, thus Ruach Digitalit can be also be rendered as digital wind, spirit or mind. 

This website is managed by Sinai Rusinek, post-doctoral fellow of the Polonsky Academy at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.