Links and updates from yesterdays’ session on Open Digital Jewish Studies:

Interested in digital jewish studies? Join the contact list Hadassah Michelle Chesner created, Look at (and update) the list of DH projects in Jewish studies

Do you have python and/or Hebrew NLP experience? knowledge in Biblical Hebrew? Help Kyle Johnson build the Classic Hebrew  classic language toolkit (CLTK)

Check the Tei-c guidelines, section 5.6: you can now enrich your Hebrew (/ Arabic / Aramaic /other RTL) texts!

Do you code, and could you help us make open DH tools and freeware work with right-to-left languages? please contact sinair at !

Do you want to be updated about DHIsrael (רוח דיגיטלית) activities?  add your email to the mailing list on this website!

About Sinai

The admin of this website, an evangelical digital humanist, still aspiring to geekdom. In daylights I work as consultant to JPRESS, the Historical Jewish Press project (, teach Digital Humanities and Conceptual history at the Hebrew University and Bar Ilan University and I am editor of Contributions to the History of Concepts (