The Parting of the Ways?: Computing Semantic Change between the Testaments; Thursday, Nov.20

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November 20, 19:00 Matthew Munson @ the Open Hub

The New Testament is often considered, especially by Christians, to be a huge theological leap beyond the Old Testament. This belief is even reflected in their names: the New replaces the Old. But is this truly the case? How much of the ‘leap’ that Christians see was simply a change in focus the same theological system? This paper will demonstrate how the author is using computational methods to help answer these questions. By tracking how much and in which direction every word changes in meaning between the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Bible) and the Greek New Testament, the author will be able to map more precisely the movement from the Jewish to the Christian Testament and to tell a more complete story of how a first century Jewish sect came to understand its place both within and outside of Judaism.
This paper will consist of a short introduction to the computational methods being used, with the going towards a more detailed analysis of what we learn about a few important words. It will conclude with a summary of the advantages and limitations of these methods with some ideas for expansion of both the questions to be asked and the corpora under investigation.

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